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Actually about me!

When you review a product, you have, to be honest with yourself. So frankly I am Indonesian, and English is not my first language.

But ... a big BUT.

Language limitations do not stop me from loving technology, learning the same things that learned by others.

I got to know computers in 1998 when Windows 98 was still something special. In 2000, I had my own computer from the money I saved for 2 years. And sadly, I was cheated by the seller because the computer that was given to me was junk. I am confused and sad because my savings money for 2 years from working as a computer operator just disappeared.

In 2001 I started getting serious about the software. All related software I really like to tweak the operating system, applications and all I do with full of question marks in the head.

In 2010, I started getting to know Linux starting from Backtrack 4 because I was fascinated with my friend's expertise in the security field. I started learning how to type commands in the terminal. I studied about Linux for 10 hours a day and continued for 3 months until I ruined my own laptop because the kernel I tweaked ruined my IBM laptop.

With my rough capital, I bought a new laptop and switched to network security on Linux. I started studying the network security system until I ruined my second laptop because I installed the Linux server on an incompatible laptop and it happened in 2013. My only goal was to prove that the app I was using was capable of taking over my targeted network.

2013 I turned to blog to share what I know about Windows, Linux, and network security. Too bad the blog has been removed because it is full of black magic ... lol.

2014 I got serious about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and all that related to internet marketing. I studied from the core and spent 18 hours a day.

2016, I am considering SMO (Social Media Optimization) and all related to marketing that exists in social media. I study humans and human habits while interacting in various media. Apparently, the type of social media also affects the character of its users. There are open social media, some are more privacy but more targeted, and there are social media gathering ideas people for new things.

And today I am in your presence when I believe you are reading the history of my life journey in technology. AND.. yes, of course, I would like to hear from you about this website. Don't hesitate to leave your comment.

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