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Xchime is a future generation video doorbell, a fantastic doorbell to earn individuals' lives easier. Not only can it be used as a WiFi-enabled HD (1080p), it could also be made use of as a remote-controlled garage door opener, an indoor video camera as well as. No special treatment or cleaning required.

Developed by ex-Motorola designers that have extensive experience in bringing technologically-advanced tools to life, Xchime's real-time communication technology quickly establishes peer-to-peer video connections, minimizing latency. Furthermore, its patent-pending technology allows it to run without wasteful batteries. Xchime releases an interior chime sound instantly after the doorbell is sounded. These features allow for modified level of sensitivity moving sensing units.

You'll have the ability to utilize Xchime to simplify your life by keeping tabs on your front door anytime, from anywhere. You can use Xchime to help you manage deliveries, reject unwanted visitors, actually feel more secure and extra safe in your house when you're alone.

Xchime can be utilized as a:
1) Front door video bell
2) Back entrance video bell
3) Garage door opener
4) Regular indoor camera
5) Baby screen monitor

Xchime Doorbell Features:

  1. Two-way audio/one-way video clip: When the doorbell button is pressed, a notice will be sent to your mobile phone. One-way video and two-way sound communication will be instantly established. Then, using the Xchime application, you'll have the ability to converse with (as well as see) whoever goes to your door. Visitors can hear you when two-way sound is established, however, they could not see you. Only you can see and hear them.
  2. Motion detection: An intelligent activity sensing unit is developed into the doorbell. With precision motion and photosensitive sensors, The Xchime could identify people, even if the doorbell is not rung. Cloud recording begins instantly when this happens.
  3. Live-view: If you wish to monitor the front door in real-time, only open up the app to gain access to Xchime's continuous online stream.
  4. Add-on smart-light light bulb: You could instantly link a smart light bulb to your Xchime In the evening, the smart light bulb will automatically switch on if the doorbell is called. This makes the home appear inhabited as well as can put off potential thieves from trying to break in.
  5. Weather condition resistance: Thanks to its license pending technology, Xchime can be made use of at an extensive temperature range of -40 ˚F to 150 ˚F, enabling it to be utilized successfully in rainfall, snow or intense humidity.
  6. Cloud recording: Video is continuously recorded into the cloud, providing device evidence when a robbery or other case happen.
  7. No latency: When the doorbell rings, a video connection to your smartphone is established quickly, without delay. Besides, when Xchime's motion-sensing new technology spot activity, video recording starts immediately.
  8. Garage-door back-up: Think you failed to remember to close your garage door? Seeing is believing. With the add-on garage device, only open up the Xchime application (no matter just how far away you are from the residence). If the garage door is still open, you'll receive a choice to tap your phone and close it.
  9. Indoor camera: Xchime functions as a regular interior video camera to see or record any type of suspicious activity.
  10. Device connection: Integrate with various other connected tools via WiFi and/or Bluetooth. 
  11. Xchime app: available for iOS as well as Android devices. Both versions of the app can be downloaded and install from their app stores (the App Store [iOS] and also the Google Play Store).

Xchime specification:

Color: Silver
Dimensions: 4.375 x 1.9 x 1.0 (inch)
Weight: 5.5 oz
Audio: Two-way audio
Camera: 1080 HD
Field of View: 140 degree
Night Vision: Infrared LED
Motion Detection: App-adjustable 3-6 m
Bluetooth: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Encryption: Military grade
Operating Temperature: -40 F to 150 F
Waterproof: Yes
Battery life: No battery needed. Xchime is powered by existing doorbell wire with AC voltage of 16 ~ 24V.

Future updates

Xchime anticipates updating it in months and years to come, including an upgrade that will enable to use Xchime task in your browser, rather than only through application.

What can we expect from the app?

One-way video clip and two-way audio communication are accomplished using the Xchime application. Use of the application for viewing recorded video as well as for changing the sensitivity of the motion sensors, in addition to for device arrangement and VIP user support.

The gadget regularly links to Xchime cloud, and the application connects to the instrument through the cloud. What about your data security? Xchime applied military-grade file encryption and OpenSSL support into every device. Top-level encryption makes certain that video recorder could only be accessed by the authorized owner and also member of the family.

How to install Xchime?

Xchime Hardware Installation

Xchime Software Installation

  1. Download and install the Xchime app.
  2. Link to your Wi-fi network
  3. Launch Xchime app when prompted, enter your WiFi password.
  4. Go to your phone's settings and change your WiFi connection from your home network to the brand-new WiFi network called "Xchime hotspot."
  5. When prompted, complete the registration process in the Xchime application.
  6. Xchime will immediately turn on when mounted, and will automatically disconnect when unmounted.

Where can we buy Xchime?

This stuff is available on Xchime.com or Amazon.  All Xchime backers will certainly get 3 months of complimentary cloud storage space. Afterward, the rate for cloud storage will certainly be $2.99/ month or $32/year. Shipping is free for US, Canada, and also China. $29 each Xchime for global shipment.

There is no month-to-month cost for basic use. Nonetheless, if you choose to update to cloud recording, there's a marginal charge of $2.99/ month to cover the prices of cloud storage and also playback data transfer.

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