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This is Cirrus, an innovative new shower system that presents water-atomizing CloudMaker innovation to bring you pleasurable sensations, water savings, 13x additional thermal efficiency and 10x more surface area coverage.

By transforming your shower into a pressurized haze, Cirrus envelops your whole body in a cocoon of warmth. With a deluge of atomized water boosting surface area coverage 10-fold, every inch of your hair and skin is cleansed faster, while using considerably much less water than a conventional showerhead.

For the typical house, this 75% water decrease equates to over 15,000 Gallons of water conserved annually. Not only does this mean that Cirrus spends for itself in less than 2 years-- but the reduction of a Cirrus home's ecological effect on water reserves is massive.

Cirrus developed quickly changeable NanoFIlters right into the Cirrus Core. These filters include 3 layers of mineralized rocks to filter contaminations, minimize chlorine, and equilibrium pH levels for an entirely real shower experience.

For complete invigoration, leisure and also health, select from Cirrus aromatherapy NanoFilter blends infused with essential organic oils.

The very best part? Cirrus is compatible to any shower room. Setup takes seconds-- no complicated directions, no hassle, easy installation.

Cirrus is present to transform your shower

Be embraced by the hazy deluge of Cirrus CloudMaker technology the moment you enter your shower. Every square inch of skin is engulfed by water, warming tired, achy muscles as well as drenching hair in secs.

When shower time comes to be an all-new hydrotherapeutic experience, you will not intend to leave, also with such incredible water efficiency, you don't need to. Cirrus takes away a cost, warm showers by decreasing water usage by a massive 75%.

A Cirrus shower will certainly stimulate your mind, freshen your body as well as develop your senses to tackle the day head. And also at nighttime, it will soothingly warm and also relax every muscle in your body for a rest that's deep and recovery.

Have a look at the distinction in between Cirrus and normal showerhead ...

The nozzle of a conventional showerhead shoots a jet stream of water-- most of which is thrown away. With Cirrus, water is pushed with the CloudMaker nozzle, which distributes every fragment right into an excellent, pressurized haze.

With this diffusion, every droplet of water is sufficiently enhanced. The result? A showerhead that covers 10x much more area while being 13x a lot more thermally efficient compared to the standard model.

Just as vital as water usage, there's an additional element that enters into the high price of your shower: HEAT. In a conventional shower, just a plain 3% of the thermal power used to heat your water is actually transferred to your body as well as the surrounding air. Where does the remainder of that 97% go? Straight down the drain (along with your money).

With Cirrus, the water is spread right into millions of tiny droplets instead of a single stream. With a larger quantity of particular droplets producing a bigger water surface, more warmth is successfully transferred to the air as the droplets fall.

This means that Cirrus moves 13 times a lot more thermal energy from your warm water to both you and also the air around you, reducing the amount of heat needed to shower.

The water dispersion and thermal efficiency of the Cirrus showerhead conserve you cash on your water expense and also your home heating bill.

Foamy shampoo and body lather doesn't stand an opportunity. Defying all expectations, Cirrus can wash soapy hair as well as skin more efficiently than a typical showerhead. In spite of utilizing 75% much less water, the totally maximized haze covers every square inch of your body, penetrates every strand of hair and also purges away soap quickly.

The ultimate shower experience wouldn't be total without pure, filtered water. Since Cirrus is everything about changing the way you bath, it was noticeable that we needed a brand-new, intelligent purification system.

The Cirrus water-purifying NanoFilters have 3 layers of mineralized stones that work to transform your tap water:
  1. Tourmaline stones equilibrium pH levels.
  2. Far-Infrared stones filter water pollutants such as chlorine, dust as well as bacteria.
  3. Germanium Stones offer an all-natural spring water effect for softer, cleaner, extra moisturized skin.

Cirrus NanoFilter cases are simple and very easy to replace. You'll recognize precisely when their time is up thanks to an indicator located directly on the cartridge, which shows it's continuing to be the lifetime. Usually, each NanoFilter will certainly last in between 2 to 3 months based on a family of 4.

The Cirrus Core, as well as NanoFilters, are developed to function individually from the Cirrus showerhead. This suggests you can use the Core together with any kind of basic showerhead in your home for a cleaner, more real shower.

On the other hand, if you do not intend to use the Core for water purification or aromatherapy however still want the luxurious experience and water savings of Cirrus, you could opt to use the Cirrus showerhead on its own.

Lastly, for the complete day spa experience, Cirrus has curated essential oil blends that could transform your shower right into an aromatherapy session. Whenever you are in the mood for some further relaxation, simply pop in one of these single-use essential oil cartridges for eight minutes of pampering. Whether you want some lavender and also bergamot to relax and also help you fall asleep, or lime and also mint to help you concentrate on what lies ahead, Cirrus could help.

Essential oils obtained from various plants have actually been used for hundreds of years in societies worldwide to alleviate everything from a migraine to anxiety. Currently, you could bring the curative homes of aromatherapy into your shower.

It's like having a day spa in your personal home. Not only does the Cirrus core have water-purifying NanoFilters-- it can likewise house among our curated essential oil blends to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Outfitted with the exact same water-filtering innovation as their non-aromatic cousins, water streams through the detoxifying stones and also spreads the fragrance of healing oils throughout your shower. These organic essential oils are colorless as well as soap-free, meaning they won't tint your water or fragrance your body. Each single-use aromatherapy cartridge lasts for roughly 8 minutes of blissful shower time.

Do you desire an excellent, refreshing blend that stimulates you and concentrates your mind for the day in advance? Or a relaxing blend of calming fragrances and also muscle-soothing oils for a deep and also luxurious sleep? Pick from our series of 6 vital oil infusers, expertly blended by aromatherapists of France.
- Calming (Lavender and Bergamot): Anxiety relief, recovery, relaxation, discomfort alleviation, rest help
- Desire (Orange as well as Cinnamon): Energy boost, immune system, digestion
- Forest (Lime as well as Cedar): Stress and anxiety relief, cold symptom alleviation, leisure
- The Sunshine (Lime as well as Mint): Emphasis, power boost, invigoration, immune system
- PureShape (Lavender and Geranium): Relaxation, state of mind stabilizing, stress and anxiety relief, sleep help
- Passion (Geranium and Red Fruits): Leisure, mood stabilizing, immune system

Cirrus will revolutionize the way you shower

Stunning French design combines functionality with smooth, contemporary curves that illegal an advanced sensation. The crisp white base and shining chrome top made from high-quality polycarbonate will certainly include a high-concept visual to any kind of bathroom.

Simple Installation
Universal to any kind of bathroom, the Cirrus team states its gimmicky shower takes simply seconds to mount. The secret to its effectiveness hinges on its CloudMaker nozzle, which distributes fragments into a "fine, pressurized mist" as opposed to shooting a jet stream of water at you. That means the Cirrus covers more area, getting you cleaner, much faster.

Download Cirrus Quick Installation Guide

Repaired by magnets, the showerhead assistance latches on to any type of shower wall in seconds, and the ergonomic wand slides in easily. When not in use, the rod fixes to the wall support at a 45-degree angle, magnetically held in place.

Cirrus was created with the customer in mind. Setup is universal, versatile to any kind of bathroom without the need for improvements or design adjustments. Setup is tool-free, straightforward and also foolproof.

The French design of the shower system assures to fit in with any shower room design and is fixed by magnets to your tub or shower wall. You can back the Cirrus campaign for regarding $110, with an estimated delivery date in November.

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