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Recent years have seen a greater demand to reduce e-waste in many regions, including Europe, for example by utilizing or developing standard connectors and chargers for a variety of electronic devices. As such, the latest USB connector and power transmission standards developed by USB-IF, which includes USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery (along with USB Superspeed).

What is USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery all about.

USBC is the new connector that's currently changing all the connectors like Hardware, micro-USB, and even HDMI. New devices such as notebooks, supplements, and smartphones may have USB C.

Power Delivery is the new technology standard for powering stuff, through a smaller, multifunctional cable (USB-C), able to send and receive power, up to 100W. USB Power Delivery connects all of your gadgets over one single cable. It allows you to recharge your whole devices with the same cable, less complicated and method faster.


Powerbank which fully implement USB C Power Supply Technology around 100W is LIFEPOWR A3. Packs with the newest of technologies: 100W USB power delivery, other manufacturers have just able to include up to the technology to 30W or 60W.

LIFEPOWR A3, Power Up Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

It effortlessly and swiftly powers up your entire day-to-day gear with the same USB-C cable. Multiple times. Moreover, it additionally features a typical AC outlet, two USB ports, and QuickCharge technology. It's compact & lightweight.

LIFEPOWR A3 powers up all of your USB-C supported devices. Convenient, easy, rapid and You can use all 5 output ports simultaneously. The device will be compliant to CE (LVD and EMC) and FCC regulations regarding safety. If you would plug in a device that needs an excessive amount of present or in the case of a short circuit, the overload defense will switch on automatically to protect you and the device.

LIFEPOWR A3 Developed to be free and independent and disconnect ourselves from the grid. This goes hand in hand with creating your own energy - entirely solar-chargeable. Combined with the SUN20 pro - excessive-efficient moveable solar panel - you'll have your own personal solar generator and storage unit. Depending on the intensity of the sunlight and your sun array capability, that you may attain the same charge time as from a wall charger around 2 hours.

The LIFEPOWR A3's future retail price will be $299,-. By taking one of the packages offered, you're guaranteed to be one of the first. You'll get it at the best rate imaginable plus you can get our great portable solar panels at an exclusive IndieGoGo pricing.

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